Ugandan Transit Camp

Ziada, Neema, Jonathan, Joachim, Mapendo

1,205,913 refugees
in Uganda

Uganda hosts more refugees than any other country in Africa

GDP per capita in the Uganda is $643

GDP per capita in the US is $62,904

"Most refugees and otherwise displaced people remained indefinitely in the locations where they had sought refuge, often living for years in refugee and IDP camps, or running in circles, just as Argentine and Mapendo had already done..." (p. 217)

Photo credit: Andy Wheatley for DFID

Refugees in transit to
Rwamwanja camp

82% women & children

Global Statistics

70.8 million people are
forcibly displaced globally

85% of refugees are being hosted
in developing countries.

1 in out every 108 people in the world
are forcibly displaced. Ten years ago that number was 1 out of 160

Photo of IDP camp in Congo                   photo credit: Molly Feltner

photo of IDP camp in Congo by Molly Feltner        

"Canada was the first country to implement a refugee sponsorship program of the sort. The Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program allowed community organizations, ethnic groups, families, and others to sponsor refugees coming to Canada,.."

Argentine with Asante Mungu, born in a Catholic hospital in Uganda, surrounded by strangers that chose to welcome a pregnant refugee.

"We stood there as a welcoming committee, strangers even among ourselves. But we were not really strangers. The act of coming together to welcome others had transformed us into a community, as though the intention held some healing power, long before any plane touched down."