What better way to learn about the SHONA women than to see their faces and hear their voices?

December 2017


July 2014

What do you carry?





November 2013

This video is an updated introduction to SHONA with a view of where the SHONA women are now.



June 2013

This video includes the 4 SHONA ladies and their babies.  Argentine speaks in the beginning, and she is holding her daughter, who has grown so much since the previous video.  At the end of the video, Mapendo and Solange's babies are already learning to clap to rhythm. 





March 2013:

This is a video of Mapendo and Argentine, shortly after Argentine gave birth to her baby girl. They have both recently fled their homes in Goma,because of the war, and yet listen to the hope of their songs.

March 2013: Making a purse

This is a short video of Mapendo, having fled her home in Congo and carried cloth with her, she is now making purses.  The video is raw and grainy, but it is amazing to see where SHONA products truly come from!




2011: This video gives an overview of SHONA, some of the struggles the women face, and some of their accomplishments.