The Place Between Our Fears Paperback

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The inspiring true story of women who refuse to give up.

Argentine and Mapendo were born in eastern Congo. The land was beautiful, with small villages tucked into lush green hills.  But fear was never far away.  At night, armed men crept through their villages, breaking down doors. Families fled to the forest to hide among the trees. But for Argentine and Mapendo the danger was even worse.  As young girls, both Argentine and Mapendo had lost the ability to walk or run.  Their disabilities left them with an impossible question.  "How can I stay safe, when I can't run away?"

This is the astonishing true story of two girls who can't run.  They grow up caught between war, poverty and physical disability. As they grow into adulthood, Argentine and Mapendo must learn to stand on crutches and fight for a future they can barely imagine.  Told from the perspective of an American who moves to Congo and meets Argentine and Mapendo as young women, this true story is both relatable and utterly astonishing.  It is a story about finding faith in the face of every danger, and of who we become, when we have no other choice.