"The tastes of a new country still prickle her tongue..."

Cutting Cloth
in Canada

"War never ends."

This video where Argentine explains that war never ends was taken days after Argentine arrived in Canada.

At the
Farmers Market

Mapendo, Dawn, &
Argentine in front of the Athabasca River

"Everyone in Athabasca knows where the river is, even when it is covered in snow. It is there, always." (p. 264)

Incorporating SHONA

"It was the first time we had been able to do this officially..." (p. 285)

"The problem has not been Mapendo and Argentine's fears but my own. During most of our friendship, they have lived constantly on the edge of disaster. In the face of one crisis after another they would surrender themselves, shaking their heads, saying "mungu atatusaidia." "God will help us." But I would hold on too tightly, white knuckling our way forward, trying to fix a future that had yet to arrive."
(p. 301)

New Life

"Everything is so new for us here. But we do our best. We just try and accommodate ourselves to all the new things." (p.297)

Joseph's Mother & Father

"Joseph's father walked over one hundred kilometers, then traveled by bus, to see his grandchildren one last time. When he saw them, he anointed his grandchildren with oil. He prayed that wherever they went, those who welcomed them would be blessed." (From the author's note)