Panic grips Congo as rebels advance on town of Goma

The Guardian October 29, 2008

"Congolese rebels closed in on the eastern town of Goma yesterday, causing panic among residents and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of international aid workers and UN staff..."  

Photo Credit: MONUSCO photos

North Kivu

Argentine teaching Riziki and Solange


Riziki & Solange


Solange & Argentine outside their wooden house

Photo credit: Molly Feltner

The Market

The first
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"We walked to a beautiful restaurant on the shore of Lake Kivu. At the restaurant we sat in white plastic chairs on the green grass, staring at the sparkling water."

Zawa, Solange, Mapendo, Riziki, Argentine in Gisenyi, Rwanda.

Mapendo, Riziki, Dawn, Solange, Argentine