Sewing Machine for Charlotte

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This year we have chosen to raise money for a sewing machine for Charlotte.  Charlotte is a Congolese woman, with physical disabilities similar to Argentine's.  She and was treated at the Center for People with Disabilities along with Argentine and Mapendo. "They used to call us twins!" Argentine says of Charlotte, because they were the same size and faced similar challenges.   

During the war, Charlotte fled to the refugee camps in Uganda with her husband.  In the camps she has faced enormous loss, and she has struggled to simply survive.  Charlotte learned to sew at the Center along with Argentine and Mapendo, but she does not have a sewing machine, or any means to provide for herself in the camps.  The wheelchair shown in the picture is the wheelchair that Argentine was given in the refugee camp.  When Argentine left for Canada, she gave Charlotte the wheelchair.  It helps Charlotte to be able to move about inside, but cannot carry her outside.    

With the gift of a sewing machine, along with material and sewing supplies, Charlotte can begin a small business from her own house, and she use her skills to provide for herself.  "Right now she has nothing" Argentine says.  "This sewing machine will help her so much."

Our goal is $250.  $150 for a sewing machine and $100 for a table, material and other supplies.