Place Between Our Fears Paperback (Canada)

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The remarkable true story of finding life in between our fears.

”To me, this story is nothing short of miraculous—a testament to female strength, ingenuity and unfailing spirit.”

What is it like to live in a city built on the edge of disaster? When the author first moves to eastern Congo, she is afraid of natural disasters—erupting volcanoes and exploding lakes. But she quickly realizes that for the people of Congo, there is so much more to fear. And yet, between all that danger, the author discovers community. She becomes friends with two Congolese women who navigate life on crutches with an unforgettable measure of camaraderie, laughter, and faith. This story follows the three women on a decade-long journey, spanning continents and leading to a world they never imagined. The Place Between Our Fears is at once a love song to Congo and a gripping saga of war, poverty, and displacement. Ultimately it is a beautiful testament to the power of friendship and motherhood and a call to community in the face of every fear.